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Claudette Walker
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Mar 12, 2011

C Street is my warning to the your technology!


‎32850 days in the more...than average life. How did you spend them? That is how I view life....Have a great day and use it wisely!

Yesterday, preparations began for the filings at the Library of Congress.  This section of the government is excellent to work with!  They protect our work...while storing our history....The C Street Screenplay and other material will be available soon.
Day 10 -  The C Street Screenplay was turned over this morning for review and final line up.  It's all about the journey! Thank you to all my friends  who took the journey with me these last ten days.  Claudette
Day 9 - C Street screenplay editing is reaching the end!  I will turn it over tomorrow for review... 
Day 8 - Review of all dialogue began today, excellent progress.  Hoping to have it to editor for final review mid next week!
Day 7 - Editing review lunch was great!  No further scene changes needed and final edit on dialogue starts tomorrow!
Day 6 -Excellent progress, a lot of fun...moving along! Pleased!!
Day 5 - All scenes & dialogue in run through screenplay tomorrow!
Day 4 - Outstanding progress!
Day 3 - Excellent progress editing the C Street screenplay...feeling good!
Day 2 - C Street screenplay the zone.
Day 1 - Editing and moving scenes in C Street screenplay, very productive!

Back to editing on the C Street screenplay tomorrow...

From resting to reading...I am moving along, slowly...

Videos 1-4    "Behind the Scenes" of the Red River Radio Show
Page Turners interview are below:
Scroll down to video 1 and work up to see all 4 video sections of interview in order. 

I hope you enjoy this video door into my world. Over the next few weeks the remaining videos of the interview will be posted on this blog.

During this time, I will be resting & working on the screenplay. Thank you for taking the time to watch and read my work. I hope to provide you with no less in the screenplay and future books.


Part 4 - Behind the Scenes With C Street Author Claudette Walker.wmv