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Claudette Walker
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Oct 6, 2012

From the Writing to Writer...

When creating a book, I reach into the archives of my mind, examine the world around me, feel its great intensity, look at the reality, and envision the ramifications all. Something in this process inspires me and the creation of a book begins. Once is begins, a story travels down unknown roads to find its end. Some books are designed to stand alone, but for others the story continues from one book to another.

In “To Love The Rose,” I acknowledged my first great love of another, my love of a man for his mind. The man I call Solomon “Rose” Rosenberg was delivered to the line between genius and insanity by a life of power being slowly taken by cancer. This is the novel I promised "Rose" I would write after his death, during the long months we spent in a hospital...before the psychotic episodes consumed our world. This is story behind the characters that would create the future series of novels, beginning with C Street. Although the characters and events are fictional, I think all writers use their real life experiences and imagination to inspire their fiction.

In “C Street,” I relive, intertwine and acknowledge our many conversations about his life of power. These stories became the basis used to create the fictional world within governments and the politics hiding behind the veil of the self-proclaimed CWP. Contained in the pages of “C Street” are a minds-eye view of the powerful. Stories told by a great man facing death or dictated into his microcassette recorder. The stories were his catharsis, a way to occupy his mind and inspire this writer. It would be the tone of the tapes that would inspire the fictional tales and the future of the fiction series.These two books can be read in any order. C Street is for those who seek the espionage, technology and deceit of the powerful. To Love The Rose and C Street are sexually intense books...the yin and yang ( yen and yang) of those who rule the roads of gold.

A Taste of Things to Come
The subjects of research for my next books include, but are far from limited to RICO, Courts, Arms industry, Government Oversight, NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, piles of documents 
 (all in search of that one report...)

"Research forever changes the reseacher..."  

In “The Casey Anthony Murder Trial,” I returned to some of the hardest days of my life with my daughter and co-author Matrix Filia.  I relived my pain, the pain of a 17-year-old mother of a very sick child.  Those were days of carrying a baby up and down the hills of San Francisco for multiple surgeries just to keep her alive. I did what I consider a mother’s honor and duty: to protect and care for her child while doing no harm.  Any lack of care and responsibility for a child is insufferable to me. That feeling led to our desire to preserve a complete history of this trial, in real time, and in one book. Co-authored with my now 39-year-old daughter, this book was written as a chronicle to assure that this trial would not go quietly into the night. This was not a creative endeavor. We would never choose to create such a story.

In “Decompression Map,” I again co-write with my daughter. We attempt to assist those coping with the trauma. This story was inspired by soldiers who shared their stories of war with us over a period of more than 20 years.

Although “Decompression Map” deals with a very serious subject, we have presented it though the tale of two brothers and their post-war reunion. We designed the book not to be a scholarly endeavor or tone, nore is it a cure for trauma. This is our way to present thought-provoking ideas in an entertaining manner. This book is designed simply to be an additional outlet to stress.

Readers who have suffered both military and non-military related trauma, have told us of the inspiration they found in our novella.

In some way, every book I author or co-author is a small reflection into my life.

    Technology I look forward to...this writer's dream.

"Intel believes that we'll be able to control our computers with our brains by 2020."