Claudette Walker

Claudette Walker
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Nov 14, 2012

Behind the Books...

"To Love The Rose" Novel... The unbelievable sensual love & loss story that became the basis for the C Street series.

"C Street" Novel... The computer hijacking of America...told in a sensual thriller of power and greed you will not forget.

.....These two novels are inspired by the authors life.

"The Casey Anthony Murder Trial" Non-Fiction: The complete real-time courtroom trial book.  
This case inside the legal system, strengths, failures and legal maneuvers. 

"Decompression Map" Novella... The road trip journey with a writable journal in the back of the book. Two fictional soldiers created to inspire an additional way to think about decompressing to from trauma.

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What does Christ the Redeemer have to do with C Street...
or is this the inescapable trap for Jacqueline?

"Listen to the remaining thirty-five tapes now. 

When you have finished the recordings and documents, push the button. 
I'm sorry for everything.
I will be waiting for our next dance under the statute in heaven, 
if Christ allows me to redeem myself."
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The Sex, Drugs and Espionage Series
(can be read in any order)
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Welcome Home, with a relaxing journey of two soldier brothers...
a novella with writable journal in back

 The Readable Complete Real Time Trial Transcript

Nov 10, 2012

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To Love The Rose (Is Washington Stoned?)” is an in-depth look at the characters that will create the thriller series beginning with “C Street.”  These books can be read in any order. C Street is a must read for those who see the real possibilities of technology. Written by, Claudette Walker

“C Street”  is the story of the conspiracy, technology and more within governments. It continues the love and mystery of Jacqueline & Solomon (The Rose).  It can be read alone, before or after “To Love The Rose. Written by, Claudette Walker

“The Casey Anthony Murder Trial” is the complete trial for history and for the readers to judge the actions of the lawyers, witnesses, the American legal system, and verdict in this horrific case. A mother tried for the murder of her toddler daughter, Caylee.  It is based on the complete real time trial. Written by, Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia

“Decompression Map” is an inspirational novella written to bring an additional beacon of light, insight, positive thoughts, a few smiles, and inspire more ideas to decompress. It comes with a writeable journal in the bound book. Written by, Matrix Filia and Claudette Walker

 All are available in book and eBook. Please keep us in mind for gifts. The gift of a book stays with the reader forever. 


Nov 5, 2012

The computer hijacking of the America...

The computer hijacking of the America...told in a thriller you will not forget. 
C Street by Claudette Walker.

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