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Claudette Walker
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Feb 12, 2013

C Street...a bipolar genius, the father of technological espionage and an ass...

Solomon Rose failed to mention he was a bipolar genius, the father of technological espionage, and a white paper sanctioned assassin. He never expected he would leave his wife Jacqueline to clean up the mess he left behind. 

                            Who is hiding behind the veil of "CWP" in C Street...?

I've included the nine rings of hell" in my next book. It's just a question of who is going where...when.

First Circle (Limbo) Second Circle (Lust) Third Circle (Gluttony)
Fourth Circle (Greed) Fifth Circle (Anger) Sixth Circle (Heresy)
Seventh Circle (Violence) Eighth Circle (Fraud) Ninth Circle (Treachery) ---Dante Available on Amazon worldwide and B&N in book & eBook