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C Street

C Street Reader Comments

"Simply stated, C Street by Claudette Walker is an unforgettable novel. It is a must read for anyone who enjoys intrigue, enigmas and haunting memories of a fulfilling thriller."  Laura Schultz Book Reviewer

"Your book is like a conversation with Ian Fleming! Way to recall the atmosphere of 007. Dan Brown has a page-turner competitor! Bravo!"

                                  25-time Emmy award winning, journalist and novelist Michael Cogdill - C Street Book Reviewer, book back

Just finished it. Wow. The farther I got into it the harder it was to put down. I absolutely loved it. Thanks for the journey.

Randy Schimmelpfennig
"One of the best books I've read this year.....right up there with good ole' James Patterson! Thanks Claudette!"  Brenda Smith

"C Street is Your Street." Scott Wannberg

"Absolutely incredible book. Don't just buy one. Order two... one for yourself and one for someone you love."  Don Mersel

Two strangers met at Chicago O'Hare Airport ~ because they had one thing in common, both were reading C Street.  Holly & Chris

 Ralph Swanson enjoying the warm Florida weather outside and a good book - Claudette Walker's "C Street".

Congratulations Claudette - and may everyone have the opportunity to read "C Street," I have and from page one it stimulates the brain cells!  Nancy Denofio

I've been hearing about this for months! This one I will pay to see in the theater. Thanks Claudette!"
Lorna Mack

Just wanted to tell you how "disappointed" I was in your book.......that it ended! This was like the season finales of ER, Dallas, etc. How long do I have to wait to pick this... back up? My imagination is running wild! Hope you're almost done with the next, because I may be bugging you frequently! LOL Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this! :-) Brenda Smith

“Claudette's book C STREET is a page turner.” Don Mersel

If a movie of your book gets made, i'll be first in line!  Amy Roberson

The book is phenomenal... Renee Hand

“Walker takes the reader on a very detailed journey throughout the secret methods of falsifying responsibilities within the back operations of government intelligence organizations in C Street, revealing new and fascinating methods of how our history has been manipulated by..." Gary Sorkin, Senior Book Reviewer, Pacific Book Review 

"Loved, loved your book. Couldn't ask for more in a thriller. I absolutely love a book that takes me all over the world as yours did. Just when I thought I had it figured out even with your "subtle" clues I was mistaken. I always do that with a book and I was not disappointed."   Brenda Smith

“Am just starting C Street and am enjoying it already, Claudette!”  Nancy Denofio

"I owe you a review - promise ASAP.... what a wonderful book - and for those who read this, buy it now! Thanks Claudette for writing this wonderful novel. Nancy Denofio

”This is the book you must read. I promise. By Claudette Walker”  Don Mersel

"A must read you guys..." Neil Helfrich
‎"C Street is the most amazing book I have read in years! The characters seemed so alive to me, that I simply could not put it down." Cathy G. Sesta
"This is the book you must read.  I promise. by Claudette Walker"  Don Mersel
"Claudette Walker's Blockbuster." Don Mersel

“I always like that you write like a poet!” Amy Roberson

“The Book Everyone is Talking Claudette Walker”  Don Mersel

"I didn't just like the book.  I LOVED THE BOOK--SERIOUSLY!"   Laura Schultz, Book Reviewer 

“Claudette Walker's Incredible book and screenplay.” Don Mersel
“Excellent book so far! I love it!” Meg Collins

“My level of excitement is escalating as I read further into your book!” Nancy Denofio

“Story/plot is very exciting!” Katrina Ruth, PhD, Literature

“The plot is great and you keep Jacqueline moving in adventure!  I love the settings!” Katrina Ruth, PhD, Literature

“This has been very interesting reading; with the Trojan, CLIPP programs, etc, you had to have done loads of work creating/mapping out this whole system.  Bravo!”   Katrina Ruth, PhD, Literature

“I absolutely love the descriptions of London!   Beautiful! .,..Know all those places oh so well. [Kings Cross is King's Cross...use it constantly..lovely train station; I marked where]  Again, great carefully put together w/ detailed work!” Katrina Ruth, PhD, Literature

“Yes!  Great story---I can see how much meticulous planning you've done.  What a big, carefully done project.”  Katrina Ruth, PhD, Literature

“Exciting political story!  Very intriguing!   Political spoiling...great!” Katrina Ruth, PhD, Literature

“Very good story.  Very interesting and well thought out plot.  As a reader, I hope she can trust Mark after everything.  Lots of good twists, lots of good information revealed n the plot.”  Katrina Ruth, PhD, Literature

"Love the book, still reading and loving every moment I escape into their world. Thanks again!"  Leslie Vincent

"And yours on C Street is stunning. Just back from D.C., a place I truly love. One of the most fascinating parts of the world! Bravo!"  Michael Cogdill

"Claudette Walker's Incredible book and screenplay."  Don Mersel
Your book is like a conversation with Ian Fleming! Way to recall the atmosphere of 007. You deserve every bit of laud that flows to this heart-throbbing piece. Dan Brown has a page-turner competitor! Bravo!"  25-time Emmy Winner, reporter and author Michael Cogdill

"Good Morning Claudette-this is an amazing read and I have been enjoying your book immensely.”  Meg Collins

“A marvelous read, one that will keep you turning pages every single day.

The complete trial book in real time by Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia

The complete murder trial in real time from beginning to end.
Through two writers...without rose-colored glasses.

We know this trial. We examined the murder of a Caylee, the trial of her mother and took a hard look at the judicial system. 

(NO proceeds to Casey Anthony/family or representatives)

For more information please contact  William Kerwin Agency, Hollywood, California
Great new ebook!
Wonderfully insightful! ~  GoddessNeith

We would like to thank some of the many
for their support ...

and so many more. 

This book is written as a public trial - a mother-daughter project to try to make sense of a horrific tragedy,  the death of a child. We also examine the legal system's actions during the trial of Casey Anthony for Caylee’s murder. We choose never to be guilty of the crime of silence. Perhaps another child's life might be saved by the world taking a closer look at those who are charged with guarding our
most precious resources, our children.

$2.99 eBook Links

Within the encompassing body of the written word, the writer reveals visceral knowing evocations of evil - intended no less to point us through their reflective power, toward a clearer view of our world.

Readers are our stars...


When asked to write the postscript for this book, I knew it was an important story. Reading it makes me realize how right I was about the importance of this book. I also became aware of how much I did not know about the horrific death of this child and the judicial process that was to try her mother for the death. I walked away from reading this book with an understanding of how unpredictable our justice/jury system can be. From the media and shows like CSI, juries currently expect a great deal of forensic evidence such as DNA, fiber, strands of hair etc. However, such is rarely the case in a homicide. Furthermore, young missing children do not garner a great deal of news coverage, unless the media is focused on that particular child whose case then develops into a high profile one. It would behoove all of us to be more sensitive to and become more aware of those whose task it is to guard our most precious resources, our children                                             

Laura Schultz, Psychotherapist

"Speaking as one who has been there, this book gives a real feel for the action
both inside and outside the courtroom in the trial of a high-profile capital murder case."
David E. Siar, Esquire

"This is the type of book you can pick up and read, stop, read, and keep your interest all the way to the end. This is told by a mother and daughter. Fantastic... "

A book judging our Justice System with High recommendations! Excellent Read.

"Imagine the concentration, hard work, and pondering both Mother and Daughter have written about this well-known murder trial. The pondering over testimony, even choosing the Jurors - made me want more and more. Although this case in some minds has ended, it will never end in a mother or daughter's mind. The more you read the deeper you fall into the story you thought you knew. It isn't like hearing it while you are trying to tell your children to stop fighting, cooking dinner, or half listening while on a phone call - this book takes you into the head of a mother who had no care where her daughter was for thirty one days. It brings you into the FBI searching for evidence on her computer, how to kill someone, with both chemicals and instruments. It points out the lies, and the joy Casey was having with her boyfriend and imaginary friends. At times I was baffled by the Justice in our country when so much was up front - and the Jury in my eyes, one sided. It makes you wonder how any mother can be dancing up a storm while lying to her parents about the whereabouts of her daughter and their only granddaughter. It makes you want to change the system, open the eyes of those who were chosen to judge the murder case of Casey Anthony. There has never been a better concept in my view of any other real life murder trail then that of Claudette Walker and her daughter Matrix Filia. With a sixth sense alone, and the insight of being a mother and grandmother my intuition has made its way to a conclusion. Now, don't let this outstanding, well written, and widely known case slip through your fingers - I know once you start reading, getting into the nitty gritty of the life of Casey Anthony, you too won't be able to place the book down. Congratulations on a book which should be read by families all across this land of ours. You never trust anyone - even your own daughter when a mother believes she is lying. Read it today."

Nancy Duci Denofio

The e-Book was excellent Claudette nice job.
~Paul Cadogan

This one intriguing book. I'm almost done reading it. Can't put it down once I start reading it. I might have been the only hold out. Really, hard to know once you hear the perspective of the Judge, the Prosecution and the sleazy Defense. Anyway, am almost finished, but Claudette you and your daughter did a fantastic job breaking things down for the lay people. Reading on, good night.

It was brilliant looking at this trial through the eyes of two individuals who were just describing the and explaining everything that was happening in the courtroom, with the Defense, Prosecutor and the Judge. Thanks for a very good and interesting read.

~Linda Leipziger

From sidebars to sideshows, this is "The Casey Anthony Murder Trial.”  A comprehensive look at the media, judicial system and more, eyes wide open. This is what most people never see, inside a murder trial. With forward by David E. Siar, Criminal Attorney and postscript by Laura Schultz, Psychotherapist.

Authors Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia are together for the first time in the writer’s den, sharing a mother daughter bond that has spanned nearly 40 years, a concept as old as time.  Their unique perspective and the unfortunate commonality of this tragedy inspired a comprehensive look at the trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter, Caylee.  

With all the elements of an American tragedy, complete with the elevation of the mother to celebrity status, Casey Anthony stands accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter.  Caylee last seen with her mother went unreported missing for 31 days.  A massive worldwide search ensued, before the discovery of Caylee’s remains in a murky swamp six months later.

Both the lawyers and witnesses seem to cross the lines between fact and fiction during this spectacle of horrors. The media covered the arrest of the mother and for the first time an American jury selection is televised, live from our home of Pinellas, Florida.  From selection to sentencing, this is a comprehensive interpretation of a first-degree murder trial and our American Justice system, for good or bad.  The judge, lawyers, evidence, jury, costs, media, Facebook, Twitter, verdict and sentencing are all part of the “Circus of the Century”. This is not a verbatim transcript, but a keyhole look at what happened in courtroom 23.

 ”Happy families are all alike… every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
   Leo Tolstoy

Claudette Walker "The Casey Anthony Murder Trial" $2.99 ~ This is the ebook that shows the entire murder trial as it was happening, without rose-colored glasses. Our legal systems failure and why.
By Claudette Walker

Writing of the sequel novel to C Street is now in progress...

The sequel to C Street will be written to stand alone, without knowledge of the C Street book. However, I think the reader will have better insight into the depth of each character in this new book, if they have read C Street...  Claudette

The C Street Screenplay is now completed...
Treatment for the C Street TV Series is completed...

A new summer project wll be released and then
on to sequel land for this writer....

A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order.
Jean-Luc Godard
 C Street Screenplay
by Claudette Walker

C Street Treatment TV Series

Decompression Map Screenplau
Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia

 .... It has been an unforgettable journey... in the life of this writer.