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Dec 27, 2012

"Extraordinarily entertaining..." says Pacific Book Review

Writing is in progress on the next book of this series.  
Please enjoy the sensual espionage thriller "C Street"... 

"Simply stated, C Street by Claudette Walker is an unforgettable novel. It is a must read for anyone who enjoys intrigue, enigmas 
and haunting memories of a fulfilling thriller."

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Writing is very, very hard work. I have returned to the necessary seclusion to write the next book. Thank you to all my friends who are so supportive of  my work.
 The next book will be another, C Street plus...

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Interview - Through The Authors' Eyes “The Casey Anthony Murder Trial”

Full Interview We Do Write - Dorothy Dreyer - Germany

The bond of mother and daughter is so strong that when it breaks, it makes a sound as loud as thunder. How can a person not report their child missing? How can a woman go on with her life as if nothing happened? How does a child die when she is not at risk from war, gun violence, drugs, illness, or any kind of physical abuse? How, you ask? We could not understand it, either. When we heard of this case, it was as though knives stuck through our hearts. The circumstances surrounding the death of Caylee seemed fishy at best. One moment she is alive and the next dead, while her mother parties all around Orlando, Florida.

To the authors, this was more than shocking – it was unimaginable. We share a bond as old as time, and the thought of this horrific act seemed like something out of a bad movie script. However, it was real – too real. From day one of the trial, the circus began. We were shocked at the lack of ethics from both sides. Lawyers on each side tried to make names for themselves at any cost. We watched with disbelief at the first-ever televised jury selection. 
Did they really think people would not recognize their neighbor or relative by their voice and their answers? It seemed as if the jury was on trial, and to be honest, we both believe this part of the trial should not have been televised. The opening statements were a bad attempt at justice, at best... Read the full interview at Do We Write - Germany 

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Laura Schultz Now Full Interview

A writer of suspense and thrills looks to the gotcha…Being asked to write about the method I use in writing my suspense thrillers, such as the novel “C Street”, left me reflecting. How do I do it? I realize that I first create most of my plot in my head, roll it around until it my brain says, “yes!” Then the work begins. I choose to begin writing before I outline. During the writing process, I find that ideas for the later parts of the story become my outline, and are pasted below the part of the text on which I’m working.

I offer several tips. Characters must be realistic, but that realism is taken to the edge of the envelope. I introduce them for the reader to love or hate immediately and then intensify and add reasons throughout the story that may change the reader’s mind or reinforce their original opinions.

Research – I said research. Let me repeat it one more time, research. The line between fact and fiction is a thing as thin as the line between genius and insanity.  The events that trigger a story and that occur within it must be well researched, as must the locales in which the story develops.  It is for the reader to decide for themselves what has basis in fact and what is purely fictional. This is probably the most fun for the writer – prompting readers to question whether an event happened, if it could happen, or if it is happening now.... Read full interview at Laura Schultz Now or Barnes and Noble and Amazon Worldwide put  -  Claudette Walker Books  -  in any search engine or use one of our link.

In 2012, we were able to send gift books along with private letter to our soldiers in Kuwait, 
we thank you the reader.

Dec 19, 2012

Books Ship to Kuwait

Update Kuwait:

They have moved through Germany and are now in Kuwait.

Thank you to all who made this possible.

Dec 10, 2012

"I bid thee adieu...I'm now captive to my imagination and quill."

"To Love The Rose" Novel... The unbelievable sensual love & loss story that became the basis
for the C Street series.

"C Street" Novel... The computer hijacking of America...told in a sensual thriller of power and greed you will not forget. "

.....The series beginning with these two novels have been inspired by my life.
The next two books are co-authored with my adult daughter, Matrix Filia...

"The Casey Anthony Murder Trial" Non-Fiction: The complete technical real-time courtroom trial book.

"Decompression Map" Novella... The road trip journey with a writable journal in the back of the book. Two fictional soldiers created to inspire an additional way to think about decompressing to from trauma.

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Dec 7, 2012

John McAfee "The pen is mightier than the sword."

I must say, I never thought when I created the escape route from Central America to the USA in 
C Street, that John McAfee would be following the jungle route home...

"Sometimes one must take the unpopular side of things... 
in pursuit of the ever evasive justice." Claudette Walker 

John McAfee has arrived on US soil.  
John McAfee CNBC Interview 

The are a few statics on murder, government corruption and foreign investor fraud in Belize. 
Murder in Central America with Belize number one ANOTHER case claiming corruption in Belize fraud to investors by government officials, intimidation and threats of arrest.

We are now two weeks in with no ballistic results from Belize. If they
could charge McAfee with murder, why have they not? We must ask this
question. A man has died, but getting the wrong person would only
compound the tragedy. I do not know what happen in Belize. The judge in
Guatemala has ruled that John McAfee is to be released and has 10 days to straighten
out his immigration status, If the Belize government has evidence they
can turn it over to the US Attorney and ask for his extradition. Fleeing is not always guilt and often it is fear of injustice (money can be a double edge sword...). 

"Sometimes one must take the unpopular side of things... 
in pursuit of the ever evasive justice." Claudette Walker 
A family has lost a son and father, my heart goes out to them. I hope that the man who gave us so much technology is innocent
and receives fair treatment.  Just because you are parodied, does not mean they are not out to get you. Let's get this one right.

Quote from John McAfee "I used the tools that I had. It was more of a weapon than a lifeline. I have discovered the absolute truth of an adage that I had never before truly taken to heart: "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Reporter Tim Adams: How about William Burroughs's observation that "paranoia is just having the right information"?

John McAfee: "From a First World perspective, my story

would have to seem like paranoia. You sit in comfortable chairs and watch TV. You live under governments that by and large operate on the principles of law. You cannot conceive of a reality in which feelings of safety and predictability are impossible."

John McAfee has a criminal defense lawyer by his side now, while in custody in Guatemala. Justice is never a guarantee to anyone, but I feel a little better knowing he has counsel. Often a persons flight is associated with guilt and not fear of malicious prosecution.

Taking into consideration the massive internet and media stories that may or may not have any basis in truth; the possible profit to some government officials of Belize from seizure of his property, should John McAfee be charged and convicted in Belize... I believe justice could be better served outside Belize.

I do not believe the family of the victim would receive any of the government seized assets should he be the guilty person and I'm finding more reasons to question if he is guilty of anything more than fear of some persons in this government. We need a country to intervene (maybe America or Guatemala) and find out what really happened in Belize. I think Belize should want this as well, for their tourism image. Those who are guilty should be punished and the innocent should be free. Let's try to get his one right.

Full interview by Tim Adams, The Observer

Nov 14, 2012

Behind the Books...

"To Love The Rose" Novel... The unbelievable sensual love & loss story that became the basis for the C Street series.

"C Street" Novel... The computer hijacking of America...told in a sensual thriller of power and greed you will not forget.

.....These two novels are inspired by the authors life.

"The Casey Anthony Murder Trial" Non-Fiction: The complete real-time courtroom trial book.  
This case inside the legal system, strengths, failures and legal maneuvers. 

"Decompression Map" Novella... The road trip journey with a writable journal in the back of the book. Two fictional soldiers created to inspire an additional way to think about decompressing to from trauma.

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What does Christ the Redeemer have to do with C Street...
or is this the inescapable trap for Jacqueline?

"Listen to the remaining thirty-five tapes now. 

When you have finished the recordings and documents, push the button. 
I'm sorry for everything.
I will be waiting for our next dance under the statute in heaven, 
if Christ allows me to redeem myself."
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The Sex, Drugs and Espionage Series
(can be read in any order)
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Welcome Home, with a relaxing journey of two soldier brothers...
a novella with writable journal in back

 The Readable Complete Real Time Trial Transcript

Nov 10, 2012

Our new logo...

To Love The Rose (Is Washington Stoned?)” is an in-depth look at the characters that will create the thriller series beginning with “C Street.”  These books can be read in any order. C Street is a must read for those who see the real possibilities of technology. Written by, Claudette Walker

“C Street”  is the story of the conspiracy, technology and more within governments. It continues the love and mystery of Jacqueline & Solomon (The Rose).  It can be read alone, before or after “To Love The Rose. Written by, Claudette Walker

“The Casey Anthony Murder Trial” is the complete trial for history and for the readers to judge the actions of the lawyers, witnesses, the American legal system, and verdict in this horrific case. A mother tried for the murder of her toddler daughter, Caylee.  It is based on the complete real time trial. Written by, Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia

“Decompression Map” is an inspirational novella written to bring an additional beacon of light, insight, positive thoughts, a few smiles, and inspire more ideas to decompress. It comes with a writeable journal in the bound book. Written by, Matrix Filia and Claudette Walker

 All are available in book and eBook. Please keep us in mind for gifts. The gift of a book stays with the reader forever. 


Nov 5, 2012

The computer hijacking of the America...

The computer hijacking of the America...told in a thriller you will not forget. 
C Street by Claudette Walker.

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Oct 6, 2012

From the Writing to Writer...

When creating a book, I reach into the archives of my mind, examine the world around me, feel its great intensity, look at the reality, and envision the ramifications all. Something in this process inspires me and the creation of a book begins. Once is begins, a story travels down unknown roads to find its end. Some books are designed to stand alone, but for others the story continues from one book to another.

In “To Love The Rose,” I acknowledged my first great love of another, my love of a man for his mind. The man I call Solomon “Rose” Rosenberg was delivered to the line between genius and insanity by a life of power being slowly taken by cancer. This is the novel I promised "Rose" I would write after his death, during the long months we spent in a hospital...before the psychotic episodes consumed our world. This is story behind the characters that would create the future series of novels, beginning with C Street. Although the characters and events are fictional, I think all writers use their real life experiences and imagination to inspire their fiction.

In “C Street,” I relive, intertwine and acknowledge our many conversations about his life of power. These stories became the basis used to create the fictional world within governments and the politics hiding behind the veil of the self-proclaimed CWP. Contained in the pages of “C Street” are a minds-eye view of the powerful. Stories told by a great man facing death or dictated into his microcassette recorder. The stories were his catharsis, a way to occupy his mind and inspire this writer. It would be the tone of the tapes that would inspire the fictional tales and the future of the fiction series.These two books can be read in any order. C Street is for those who seek the espionage, technology and deceit of the powerful. To Love The Rose and C Street are sexually intense books...the yin and yang ( yen and yang) of those who rule the roads of gold.

A Taste of Things to Come
The subjects of research for my next books include, but are far from limited to RICO, Courts, Arms industry, Government Oversight, NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, piles of documents 
 (all in search of that one report...)

"Research forever changes the reseacher..."  

In “The Casey Anthony Murder Trial,” I returned to some of the hardest days of my life with my daughter and co-author Matrix Filia.  I relived my pain, the pain of a 17-year-old mother of a very sick child.  Those were days of carrying a baby up and down the hills of San Francisco for multiple surgeries just to keep her alive. I did what I consider a mother’s honor and duty: to protect and care for her child while doing no harm.  Any lack of care and responsibility for a child is insufferable to me. That feeling led to our desire to preserve a complete history of this trial, in real time, and in one book. Co-authored with my now 39-year-old daughter, this book was written as a chronicle to assure that this trial would not go quietly into the night. This was not a creative endeavor. We would never choose to create such a story.

In “Decompression Map,” I again co-write with my daughter. We attempt to assist those coping with the trauma. This story was inspired by soldiers who shared their stories of war with us over a period of more than 20 years.

Although “Decompression Map” deals with a very serious subject, we have presented it though the tale of two brothers and their post-war reunion. We designed the book not to be a scholarly endeavor or tone, nore is it a cure for trauma. This is our way to present thought-provoking ideas in an entertaining manner. This book is designed simply to be an additional outlet to stress.

Readers who have suffered both military and non-military related trauma, have told us of the inspiration they found in our novella.

In some way, every book I author or co-author is a small reflection into my life.

    Technology I look forward to...this writer's dream.

"Intel believes that we'll be able to control our computers with our brains by 2020."

Aug 22, 2012

Decompression Map - From a Therapist's Viewpoint

Photo: After "Decompression Map" was read by an executive of the Veterans Administration on a plane to Washington, D.C., Matrix Filia and I were guests of the Veterans Administration Baypines Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida today. We visited, signed and gifted two cases of Decompression Map books to veterans. It was pure fun for all involved. 
Thank you to the veterans for your overwhelming reception to us and the Decompression Map. Many veterans really liked that we put a journal in back for the reader to write their own notes. A big thank you to the extraordinary doctors, nurses, staff, volunteers and support people at the Veterans Administration who are taking such great care of our veterans. Soon a new PTSD wing will be ready! 
PS. They also loved our homemade oatmeal cookies... Bottom line, what a wonderful way to spend a day. 

Veterans Administration Bay Pines Hospital

Via Sergio Lebid, Nanospire, Inc.- After reading Author Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia's masterful "Decompression Map", I was greatly inspired to understand my personal situations and be more empathetic and compassionate to post traumatic stress disorder among returning soldiers from wars. Their great book is a MUST-READ

List of small things that can make a big different to help an 
overseas/returned/returning Veteran or family in your area.

Can you offer a job?
A car repair?
A home repair?
A free cabin or condo for a family vacation?
Gift cards for grocery stores?
Gift cards for gas?
Cash gift USO, Red Cross or your local VA post?