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Claudette Walker
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Dec 27, 2012


Laura Schultz Now Full Interview

A writer of suspense and thrills looks to the gotcha…Being asked to write about the method I use in writing my suspense thrillers, such as the novel “C Street”, left me reflecting. How do I do it? I realize that I first create most of my plot in my head, roll it around until it my brain says, “yes!” Then the work begins. I choose to begin writing before I outline. During the writing process, I find that ideas for the later parts of the story become my outline, and are pasted below the part of the text on which I’m working.

I offer several tips. Characters must be realistic, but that realism is taken to the edge of the envelope. I introduce them for the reader to love or hate immediately and then intensify and add reasons throughout the story that may change the reader’s mind or reinforce their original opinions.

Research – I said research. Let me repeat it one more time, research. The line between fact and fiction is a thing as thin as the line between genius and insanity.  The events that trigger a story and that occur within it must be well researched, as must the locales in which the story develops.  It is for the reader to decide for themselves what has basis in fact and what is purely fictional. This is probably the most fun for the writer – prompting readers to question whether an event happened, if it could happen, or if it is happening now.... Read full interview at Laura Schultz Now or Barnes and Noble and Amazon Worldwide put  -  Claudette Walker Books  -  in any search engine or use one of our link.

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