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Nov 28, 2011

Frankfurt, Germany Guest Blog by Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia

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 Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia,
the writing of
 "The Casey Anthony Murder Trial"
Dorothy Dreyer of Frankfurt, Germany English/German blog
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This book was written in a way to cover, explain and examine the entire trial and legal process in one place. It took two writers to cover the trial to this degree (and one lawyer running through the writer's den). It is one big book and explains the legal system through out the trial. Law enforcement, pre-law, para-legals, teachers or young lawyers who have never tried a case or anyone who tried to follow this trial as much as they could, will appreciate this book. This is not a story book and some never wanted the entire story to be put in one place for history....
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We also designed it for stop and start reading so it could be digested completely.

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Reader Reviews


When asked to write the postscript for this book, I knew it was an important story. Reading it makes me realize how right I was about the importance of this book. I also became aware of how much I did not know about the horrific death of this child and the judicial process that was to try her mother for the death. I walked away from reading this book with an understanding of how unpredictable our justice/jury system can be. From the media and shows like CSI, juries currently expect a great deal of forensic evidence such as DNA, fiber, strands of hair etc. However, such is rarely the case in a homicide. Furthermore, young missing children do not garner a great deal of news coverage, unless the media is focused on that particular child whose case then develops into a high profile one. It would behoove all of us to be more sensitive to and become more aware of those whose task it is to guard our most precious resources, our children                                             

Laura Schultz, Psychotherapist

"Speaking as one who has been there, this book gives a real feel for the action
both inside and outside the courtroom in the trial of a high-profile capital murder case."
David E. Siar, Esquire

"This is the type of book you can pick up and read, stop, read, and keep your interest all the way to the end. This is told by a mother and daughter. Fantastic... "

A book judging our Justice System with High recommendations! Excellent Read.

"Imagine the concentration, hard work, and pondering both Mother and Daughter have written about this well-known murder trial. The pondering over testimony, even choosing the Jurors - made me want more and more. Although this case in some minds has ended, it will never end in a mother or daughter's mind. The more you read the deeper you fall into the story you thought you knew. It isn't like hearing it while you are trying to tell your children to stop fighting, cooking dinner, or half listening while on a phone call - this book takes you into the head of a mother who had no care where her daughter was for thirty one days. It brings you into the FBI searching for evidence on her computer, how to kill someone, with both chemicals and instruments. It points out the lies, and the joy Casey was having with her boyfriend and imaginary friends. At times I was baffled by the Justice in our country when so much was up front - and the Jury in my eyes, one sided. It makes you wonder how any mother can be dancing up a storm while lying to her parents about the where abouts of her daughter and their only granddaughter. It makes you want to change the system, open the eyes of those who were chosen to judge the murder case of Casey Anthony. There has never been a better concept in my view of any other real life murder trail then that of Claudette Walker and her daughter Matrix Filia. With a sixth sense alone, and the insight of being a mother and grandmother my intuition has made its way to a conclusion. Now, don't let this outstanding, well written, and widely known case slip through your fingers - I know once you start reading, getting into the nitty gritty of the life of Casey Anthony, you too won't be able to place the book down. Congratulations on a book which should be read by families all across this land of ours. You never trust anyone - even your own daughter when a mother believes she is lying. Read it today."

Nancy Duci Denofio

The e-Book was excellent Claudette nice job.
~Paul Cadogan

This one intriguing book. I'm almost done reading it. Can't put it down once I start reading it. I might have been the only hold out. Really, hard to know once you hear the perspective of the Judge, the Prosecution and the sleazy Defense. Anyway, am almost finished, but Claudette you and your daughter did a fantastic job breaking things down for the lay people. Reading on, good night.

It was brilliant looking at this trial through the eyes of two individuals who were just describing the and explaining everything that was happening in the courtroom, with the Defense, Prosecutor and the Judge. Thanks for a very good and interesting read.

~Linda Leipziger

Nov 27, 2011

Why I write?

A flame that burns hotter than Dante's Inferno. The unending passion to explore this world as it is during my time and leave an unforgettable trail, she lived...

Nov 25, 2011

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Nov 23, 2011

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James F. Ross, "I received my autographed copy of C Street today!"

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Nov 19, 2011

To Love The Rose (Is Washington Stoned?)

To Love The Rose (Is Washington Stoned?) ~ The steamy book that began the journey of the characters and back operations of government intelligence organizations in C Street, is being re-released with new cover art and note from me (the author) inside. Ingram and Baker & Taylor are the bookstore distributors 978-0-9716292-5-7 - It is available online in book & eBook. Orders placed through will receive the new release.

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“Men like us believe we are gods,” is the innuendo of the belief of CIA operatives woven into the fabric of C Street, a novel by Claudette Walker.

Possessing the absolute power with unlimited resources of the government’s Central Intelligence Agency, Jacqueline Bovia Rosenberg (having shortened her name to Jacqueline Rose) is being watched as she traces the prior path of her late husband’s career working within the clandestine organization. Solomon Rose had amassed evidence of the agency’s illegal and unethical activities throughout many international operations, and had a collection of audio tapes secretly held for his wife to retrieve in case of his death. Although his death came about naturally, Jacqueline remained under surveillance and investigation by the CIA until the agency could get possession of this revealing and possibly incriminating series of audio tapes. Unfortunately for Jacqueline, the CIA represented not the only government seeking to get at these secrets, and to get to her!

From her London home, Jacqueline traveled to the US; first to Tampa, Florida, and then up to Manhattan on a mission to retrieve the tapes. Constantly looking over her shoulder, she takes precautions and she believes she’s not being followed until she meets an Israeli colleague of Solomon’s when she is given new identification documents; surprisingly showing a photo of her taken without her knowledge. Knowing very well not to trust anyone, she becomes swept into the current of people with power and influence, deep into a world of sex and violence, murder and betrayal with characters not having her own best self interest in mind.

Claudette Walker takes the reader on a very detailed journey throughout the secret methods of falsifying responsibilities within the back operations of government intelligence organizations in C Street, revealing new and fascinating methods of how our history has been manipulated by those in power. Walker masterfully develops and sustains an intelligent level of suspense throughout her novel, capturing and holding hostage the reader while being totally in control of the information revealed. Unlike authors which use quick “snippets” of storytelling to create within the reader’s mind a series of fast moving action scenes, Walker embellishes her scenes with descriptions based on her research and experience. She noticeably narrates as seen through a feminine mind’s eye of Jacqueline, complete with the coupling of vulnerability, her fortitude of strength, and instinct for self preservation.

Her novel is clearly written in a fashion which lends itself to her screenplay adaptation, which I believe is available, and would no doubt gain innumerable accolades by audiences especially for having her feminine character, Jacqueline Rose, yet appear once again and become so memorably articulated. C Street has it all, and done in a way you’ll be looking over your shoulder when reading this extraordinarily entertaining book. ~ Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review