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Dec 7, 2012

John McAfee "The pen is mightier than the sword."

I must say, I never thought when I created the escape route from Central America to the USA in 
C Street, that John McAfee would be following the jungle route home...

"Sometimes one must take the unpopular side of things... 
in pursuit of the ever evasive justice." Claudette Walker 

John McAfee has arrived on US soil.  
John McAfee CNBC Interview 

The are a few statics on murder, government corruption and foreign investor fraud in Belize. 
Murder in Central America with Belize number one ANOTHER case claiming corruption in Belize fraud to investors by government officials, intimidation and threats of arrest.

We are now two weeks in with no ballistic results from Belize. If they
could charge McAfee with murder, why have they not? We must ask this
question. A man has died, but getting the wrong person would only
compound the tragedy. I do not know what happen in Belize. The judge in
Guatemala has ruled that John McAfee is to be released and has 10 days to straighten
out his immigration status, If the Belize government has evidence they
can turn it over to the US Attorney and ask for his extradition. Fleeing is not always guilt and often it is fear of injustice (money can be a double edge sword...). 

"Sometimes one must take the unpopular side of things... 
in pursuit of the ever evasive justice." Claudette Walker 
A family has lost a son and father, my heart goes out to them. I hope that the man who gave us so much technology is innocent
and receives fair treatment.  Just because you are parodied, does not mean they are not out to get you. Let's get this one right.

Quote from John McAfee "I used the tools that I had. It was more of a weapon than a lifeline. I have discovered the absolute truth of an adage that I had never before truly taken to heart: "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Reporter Tim Adams: How about William Burroughs's observation that "paranoia is just having the right information"?

John McAfee: "From a First World perspective, my story

would have to seem like paranoia. You sit in comfortable chairs and watch TV. You live under governments that by and large operate on the principles of law. You cannot conceive of a reality in which feelings of safety and predictability are impossible."

John McAfee has a criminal defense lawyer by his side now, while in custody in Guatemala. Justice is never a guarantee to anyone, but I feel a little better knowing he has counsel. Often a persons flight is associated with guilt and not fear of malicious prosecution.

Taking into consideration the massive internet and media stories that may or may not have any basis in truth; the possible profit to some government officials of Belize from seizure of his property, should John McAfee be charged and convicted in Belize... I believe justice could be better served outside Belize.

I do not believe the family of the victim would receive any of the government seized assets should he be the guilty person and I'm finding more reasons to question if he is guilty of anything more than fear of some persons in this government. We need a country to intervene (maybe America or Guatemala) and find out what really happened in Belize. I think Belize should want this as well, for their tourism image. Those who are guilty should be punished and the innocent should be free. Let's try to get his one right.

Full interview by Tim Adams, The Observer

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