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Claudette Walker
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Dec 27, 2012

Interview - Through The Authors' Eyes “The Casey Anthony Murder Trial”

Full Interview We Do Write - Dorothy Dreyer - Germany

The bond of mother and daughter is so strong that when it breaks, it makes a sound as loud as thunder. How can a person not report their child missing? How can a woman go on with her life as if nothing happened? How does a child die when she is not at risk from war, gun violence, drugs, illness, or any kind of physical abuse? How, you ask? We could not understand it, either. When we heard of this case, it was as though knives stuck through our hearts. The circumstances surrounding the death of Caylee seemed fishy at best. One moment she is alive and the next dead, while her mother parties all around Orlando, Florida.

To the authors, this was more than shocking – it was unimaginable. We share a bond as old as time, and the thought of this horrific act seemed like something out of a bad movie script. However, it was real – too real. From day one of the trial, the circus began. We were shocked at the lack of ethics from both sides. Lawyers on each side tried to make names for themselves at any cost. We watched with disbelief at the first-ever televised jury selection. 
Did they really think people would not recognize their neighbor or relative by their voice and their answers? It seemed as if the jury was on trial, and to be honest, we both believe this part of the trial should not have been televised. The opening statements were a bad attempt at justice, at best... Read the full interview at Do We Write - Germany 

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