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Claudette Walker
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Jul 20, 2011

"The Casey Anthony Murder Trial"

"I have read a bit of the book already and it's fantastic!!"

Laura Schultz, Psychotherapist

"Speaking as one who has been there, this book gives a real feel for the action
both inside and outside the courtroom in the trial of a high-profile
capital murder case."
David E. Siar, Esquire
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By Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia

This is an independent work and none of the proceeds go to Casey Anthony,
the Anthony family or their representatives.

(550+ pages) $2.99

From sidebars to sideshows, this is "The Casey Anthony Murder Trial.”  A comprehensive look at the media, judicial system and more, eyes wide open. This is what most people never see, inside a murder trial. With forward by David E. Siar, Criminal Attorney and postscript by Laura Schultz, Psychotherapist.

Authors Claudette Walker and Matrix Filia are together for the first time in the writer’s den, sharing a mother daughter bond that has spanned nearly 40 years, a concept as old as time.  Their unique perspective and the unfortunate commonality of this tragedy inspired a comprehensive look at the trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter, Caylee.  

With all the elements of an American tragedy, complete with the elevation of the mother to celebrity status, Casey Anthony stands accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter.  Caylee last seen with her mother went unreported missing for 31 days.  A massive worldwide search ensued, before the discovery of Caylee’s remains in a murky swamp six months later.

Both the lawyers and witnesses seem to cross the lines between fact and fiction during this spectacle of horrors. The media covered the arrest of the mother and for the first time an American jury selection is televised, live from our home of Pinellas, Florida.  From selection to sentencing, this is a comprehensive interpretation of a first-degree murder trial and our American Justice system, for good or bad.  The judge, lawyers, evidence, jury, costs, media, Facebook, Twitter, verdict and sentencing are all part of the “Circus of the Century”. This is not a verbatim transcript, but a keyhole look at what happened in courtroom 23.

 ”Happy families are all alike… every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
   Leo Tolstoy

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