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Claudette Walker
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May 24, 2013

Power Thought Control

Power Thought Control

Sun to moon to sun...  remember a simple pleasure phrase. Forever, deeply imbed this thought into your mind, in the conscious light…waiting to be called upon in unconscious dark... when you need it most. 

Thank you to a brilliant surgeon who gave me the key February 1, 1977, University of California San Francisco. As a number of traumatic years came to a close, he told me that in the future I could have something… then called “delayed trauma.” 

So when I first heard from a soldier that he had created and imbedded unbeatable robot defenders in his conscious mind --- to call upon during his nightmares... I understood. 

I discovered this simple phrase at 21… to protect me from the horror of trauma nightmares. By the time my mind has passed this thought this phrase a few times, I have snapped myself out of a trauma dream or thought… sun or moon.

(My minds lifelong friend…) Ice cream, candy, popcorn… Ice cream, candy, popcorn… Ice cream, candy, popcorn…

May anyone who needs a friend like this, find their own or use these. My thoughts are with all who suffer trauma dreams and hope that they seek professional advice for a successful long term recovery… However, from personal experience I offer you my… power thought control.

As the years come and go, I rarely need my friend...but the phrase is always there ...deeply imbedded .... to be called upon.

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