Claudette Walker

Claudette Walker
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Jul 16, 2012

Where the author thinks...

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Technology has given us a new word,
 Hacking Intelligence…  Secret information,
especially of a military or political nature, obtained by breaking into a computer system.

Currently writing the third thriller novel of the Hakint series. Please enjoy,
 “To Love The Rose” and “C Street.” 
 Be ready, for nothing is ever what it appears to be within the 
 technological spy service world of Jackal ~n~ Rose.

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Memoir vs. Autobiography vs. Biography
Memoir is a written story about a certain place, time, event or theme of the author's life.
Autobiography is an author's written account of his or her whole life.
Biography is written account of a person's whole life authored by someone other than the subject.

Difference to this author is writing time and timing... Memoir is written in a short amount of time, autobiography is written in a long amount of time and biography is out of my hands...


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