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Claudette Walker
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Jan 21, 2012

Anonymous Hackers Hit DOJ......Law enforcement sources told CNN the FBI is planning to interview a number of persons...

...Law enforcement sources told CNN the FBI is planning to interview a number of persons... massive distributed denial-of-service attacks! I guess, the government should have read C Street... "a denial of service attack through the internet." They were warned in C Street. This attack could be done by a group effort or one person with skills...  PS. I didn't do it! “C Street” is the story of conspiracy, technology and more within governments. It continues the love and mystery of Jacqueline & Solomon (The Rose) a government...

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” To Love The Rose (Is Washington Stoned?)” is an in-depth look at the characters that created C Street and the sequels to come. These books can be read in any order. C Street is a must read for those who see the real possibilities of technology. Written by, Claudette Walker

“The Casey Anthony Murder Trial” is the complete trial for history and the reader to judge the actions of the lawyers, witnesses and the American legal system handling and verdict in this horrific case, a mother tried for the murder of her toddler daughter, Caylee. It is based on the complete real time trial. It is a big book, and we believe as close as you will get to a readable court transcript of the courtroom actions. All are available in book and eBook. Thanks for reading our work! Written by, Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia – mother/daughter

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