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Claudette Walker
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Jan 22, 2012

"It is not communication unless it is disseminated" ~ Claudette Walker

“C Street” is the story of conspiracy, technology and more within governments. It continues the love and mystery of Jacqueline & Solomon (The Rose). 

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The plane flew from Washington to Geneva, Switzerland. We arrived at 2:03 AM, GMT + one. It was a bone-chilling –25°C. A limousine took the participants directly to Hotel Les Nations, where a suite was waiting. Steven Dahl scanned the rooms for listening devices, and then the meeting commenced.

“The Geneva meeting opened at 3:20 AM, local time. Steven Dahl controlled the meeting.... Dahl's soliloquy sounded uncomfortably like treasonous talk. Dahl continued, and assuaged our fears. 'You may think that this sounds like treason, but our task is twofold.... Our first task is to develop the method for controlling the technology. Our second task, our ultimate goal, is to develop and implement protections to avoid such an attack. Our mandate is as patriotic as apple pie.' The tension that had developed in the room just as suddenly dissolved. I will not pretend I did not know the truth....”

“Very early in B6's mission, I began secreting documents, evidence, and computer code. When highly effective drugs were created, like those used for killing or those used for mind control, I would borrow a few vials using my Q Clearance. I always maintained a supply of Astrolite and other powerful small weapons. On my last trip to Washington, I entered the secure underground bunker I had built in Arlington, Virginia...

To Love The Rose (Is Washington Stoned?)” is an in-depth look at the characters that created C Street and the sequels to come. These books can be read in any order. C Street is a must read for those who see the real possibilities of technology.

eBook 7.99 Bound Book 15.95

“The Casey Anthony Murder Trial” is the complete trial for history preservation. It is not a creative endeavor, since we would never chose to create this kind of monster. It is to the reader to judge the actions of the lawyers, witnesses and the American legal system handling and verdict in this horrific case. A mother tried for the murder of her toddler daughter, Caylee. It is based on the complete real time trial, written in a readable form. It is a big book, and we believe as close as you will get to a readable court transcript of the courtroom actions. Because a murder appeal is not pending, no complete court transcript is expected, as the cost could easily exceed $50,000 and would be in a most unreadable form for the non lawyer.  This has been written to cover the entire trial, yet offer the reader insight into the actions of the legal system, for good or bad. 
Written by, Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia – mother/daughter

Full eBook 2.99 Bound Book 19.95

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