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Jan 5, 2012

The Book They Never Expected...The Complete Trial Book

The news confirmed that the video released today is Casey Anthony. She is talking all about her and how wonderful her life is....she refers to herself 47 times in the video and not a word about Caylee... need we say more.  No doctor with truth serum is present in video, so it is nothing of interest. We believe just a PR stunt. New pictures are being released at this moment.

The Casey Anthony Murder Trial is the book they never expected, the complete trial in real time. No re-write of history for CA or anyone else.


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Because this case is not on appeal, there will probably never be a trial transcript printed - since the cost could easily exceed $50,000 to transcribe. We believe this book is as close as you will get to the complete trial transcript in a readable form.

We wrote the public trial and not a penny does or will ever go to Casey Anthony/family/reps/et al. At 2.99 for the eBook everyone can and should read this book about the American legal system handling of this case.

When will we begin to talk about the repeated failures and holes in the American justice system that lets the guilty go free and incarcerates the innocent?  It is no longer enough to say "Better 1000 guilty men/woman go free than 1 innocent man be convicted." It is time to look at the holes that are growing in our justice system.

Should we ever make a profit from our work on this trial book, The Casey Anthony Murder Trial copyright, like all copyrights to my books, live through my immediate family and then go to a children's hospital. This decision was made many years ago, by me.

The book dedication took us a long time to decide on the words, it is..."Caylee, the wind whispers your name." For many of us who followed this case and the many other unexplainable deaths of children while in the custody of those who are to protect them, it always will.

 2012 Casey Anthony Video 

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